Pericles' Oration

People of Athens, a great challenge beckons before us. To restore a shattered Earth. Ravaged by climate change. Impoverished by COVID-19. Threatened by rising authoritarianism. Restoring our world, will be a painstaking, unenviable, super-boring task.

That’s right, let’s face it. Our planet is boring. Been there, done that. It’s time to move on. Let those who want to stay, stay. For those who crave new vistas, I have a proposal.

I call it: the Mars Dividend. Every human on Earth gets 10,000 Mars points. Mars points are used to buy land on Mars. Mars points cannot be exchanged, except for Martian land, and every transaction involving Martian land must use only Mars points.

There are many philosophies competing right now, many ideas for the ideal society. I say, let’s take this conversation to Mars, where we can really try things out! We’ll have socialism, we’ll have anarchism, we’ll have ideologies that no one has even dreamed up yet! Let’s try them all out on Mars.

How will we get to Mars? Who will administer the initial selling of the land? Blah blah blah. We’ll sort out all these details on the way. What we need now, is to renew our confidence in ourselves. To dream big, bigger than anyone has ever dreamed before.

Mars, bitches. Let’s do it!

Written on May 22, 2020