What is Dead May Never Die

Daenerys Wins

The Night King marches towards Winterfell. Bran foresees that victory is impossible, but he cannot convince Jon Snow. Jon begs Daenerys to send aid, but Bran has warned her that any troops she sends to Winterfell will perish.

Daenerys: “Tyrion, what do you advise? Bran claims he can see the future. Is that possible?”

Tyrion: “Bran has taken an unusual journey, much like yourself, my Queen. I would not dismiss him carelessly. Has Jon explained his defense strategy to you?”

Daenerys: “Yes, he sent a raven with the battle plan this morning. He wants me to send out the Dothraki, build a wall of spikes behind my Unsullied, and leave a few men in the castle as a last resort.”

Tyrion: “Jon hot but he dumb.”

Circe Wins

Circe has imprisoned Jaime after he refused to go along with her betrayal of Tyrion. In Winterfell, the Night King overwhelms Jon and Daenerys, killing both. The army of the dead marches south.

Circe: “I need you to lead our forces against the Night King.”

Jaime: “I’m nothing but a tool to you. Don’t you love me at all?”

Circe: “I have no love left in me.”

Jaime: “I will do it for King’s Landing.”


Bronn: “Let’s get the fuck out of Westeros.”

Jaime: “I made a promise to Circe.”

Bronn: “That bitch can come too.”

Jaime: “I need to protect King’s Landing. That’s why I killed Aerys. If we don’t stand by our words, then we are unworthy men.”

Bronn: “You may need me, you beautiful bastard, but I need you more.”

Jaime and Bronn evacuate the population of King’s Landing to Essos. Circe rules in exile, waiting for the power to reclaim Westeros.

The Night King Wins

The Night King has taken Winterfell. He has taken King’s Landing. His army of the dead grows ever stronger. But what is he after? Is this simply about conquest? Will he rule the whole world?

Arya slips through the ruins of King’s Landing. The dead shamble aimlessly. She has disguised herself as a White Walker, a challenge that pushed her skills to the limit. Her goal is simple: to find and kill the Night King.

She knows the Night King is hiding in King’s Landing. Bran has been guiding her. They left Winterfell with a few others the day before the Night King attacked. Bran had implored Jon to retreat to the Neck. Jon insisted that retreating from the North without a fight would be dishonorable. Daenerys was confident that her dragons, properly led, could defeat any number of dead. Cassandra’s mistake was remaining in Troy.

Arya has reached the ruins of the Great Sept. Bran told her the Night King often wandered through the charred grounds: a vulnerability, or a trap? And there he was! Sitting on ashes. Arya could kill him from where she stood, with her dragon glass arrows. She only had one shot though, and nothing would be left to chance. She strode closer, relying on her disguise.

The Night King fixed his eyes on Arya and stood up. Did he see through her? She couldn’t risk it. Arya’s arrow struck home. The Night King shattered. And in the broken ice, a cold flame grew.

Written on May 24, 2020